When Is It Time for a Logo Redesign?

GAP did it. Starbucks did it. Should You?

There has been a lot of discussion about logo redesigns in marketing circles recently. When GAP introduced a new logo last year, the company was blasted for a poor redesign effort and failed introduction plan. Starbucks updated their logo early this year, with more positive results.

Changing an established corporate identity has risks – and rewards. So how do you know when it’s time to update your company’s logo?

Surprisingly, the age of your logo is really irrelevant when deciding to make a change. Some logos are timeless; others need to be updated every few years. Why the difference? Your logo represents your brand, and your brand reflects the positioning of your company. If your business changes rapidly, logo revisions may be warranted more frequently.

Here’s how you know when it’s time for a logo redesign:

Entering New Markets

If your company is moving into new markets, reaching out to new customer segments or expanding geographically, an updated logo might better reflect your current target markets. Have you moved from local to global? Your logo might still indicate a smaller horizon that doesn’t match your goals.

Changes in Product Lines

Have you added or discontinued major product lines? There may be elements of your logo that imply product attributes that no longer match your offerings. If that’s the case, a design refresh might be in order to help your brand communicate a more streamlined or expansive product set.

Industry Evolution

As technology changes your industry, you may come to see that your logo is still tied to an “old school” look. Putting a fresh face on your company can be a good signal that your business is changing with the times and embracing innovations.

Shifting Customer Expectations

Customer needs change over time. As more competitors enter an industry, their messages can skew customer perceptions and change expectations about your business. You might need to address these changes with a logo design that differentiates your business and embraces customers’ current desires.

Modified Business Model

Major changes in the way you do business, such as shifts in pricing strategy or a different method of delivering products and services can transform your company. When dramatic changes are made, it makes sense to telegraph these changes with your corporate identity.

Now, you won’t want to change your logo every time your business experiences one of these changes. But they do suggest a good time to check your brand identity to be sure it matches your current business. If not, update your brand strategy and develop a logo and corporate identity that better reflects not only where you are now, but where you want your business to be.

  1. I personally think logo redesigning should be done occasionally, there should be some change, so that the customers also like it, you can take it as, A change for the better.

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