Snap Out of It! How to Get Your Mojo Back

What to do when everything is going wrong

We’ve all had those days – or weeks or even months – when your mojo has escaped and everything looks bleak…

Your boss hates you.
Your dog hates you.
Even your Mom can’t stand you.

You forget why you started that business,
…took that job,
…or ever thought you knew anything.

Like the dog who has his nose rubbed in the poop on the carpet, when things aren’t going well you may have a hard time thinking of anything else. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude will get you nowhere fast.

Get Your Mojo Back

Breaking the cycle of frustration and self-doubt that creeps in from time to time requires a little change. Here are just a few ideas to help you get your mojo back.

  1. Read. Read something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with business, work or – heaven forbid – motivation. Clear your head with something funny or touching or exhilarating. Let it absorb you for a few hours or even a few days. When you come up for air, odds are the sky will be a little more clear.
  2. Walk. Get out of the house. Lose the headphones, tunes and podcasts. Pick a place you like, or someplace you’ve never been. Walk fast, walk slow. Pace doesn’t matter. Just walk, feel the rhythm of your steps. Look around. Appreciate what you see. Think about that guy with the dog. The lady with her kids. Enjoy the silence. Listen to your thoughts, let them wander. Just be.
  3. Play. I know, when things aren’t going well, who’s got time to play? You do, that’s who. Find a friend or even a pet and go have some fun. Whether it’s playing catch, going sailing or engaging in a rousing game of Scrabble, a couple of hours spent just having fun can go a long way toward adding a little perspective to your life.
  4. Clean. Clear your desk or clean your house. It’s amazing how therapeutic a little scrubbing can be. While you’re beating the rugs or doing away with bathtub rings, your mind can work on some of your problems and you just may begin to see things more clearly. Especially when the mirrors are shining and the windows aren’t smudged!
  5. Teach. Whether you tutor at the local school or simply help your neighbor sort out a software problem, teaching someone takes focus. Any when you’re focused on teaching, you are likely not wallowing in self pity. What do you enjoy doing that others need help with? Can you sew? Are you a good photographer? Sharing your knowledge can make you feel great. Channel that joy into your work for a fresh start.
  6. Volunteer. Reaching out to someone in need can make your own problems seem trivial. Spend a day in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter or helping out at any charity you choose. Get to know the mission and the needs of the people you’re serving, and you’ll quickly see there’s so much more to life that the issues that are bogging you down.
  7. Call. Have you let yourself get cut of from friends and family? Are you so discouraged you don’t want to talk to clients? Pick up the phone and make a call. Hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the line can perk you up in no time. Making that first call can be the hardest step. But once you’ve connected, you’ll be energized by catching up on news and insights that might help you see you way around whatever issues you’re wrestling with.
  8. Create. Making something can yield a wonderful sense of accomplishment. So cook. Craft. Construct. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It just needs to be yours. Pour your heart into creating something that is uniquely you. Admire it. Enjoy it. Give it away or put it where you can appreciate it.

What’s the common thread here? Perspective. I believe that getting around your troubles, and getting your mojo back is all about stepping back and seeing things in a new light. It’s so easy to be laser focused and consumed by issues, thinking, “if I just work a little harder, I’ll find the answer.”

Sometimes the solution is right in front of you and you can’t see if for lack of perspective. If you’re in a rut, I hope you’ll try some of these ideas to get your game on. Let me know if they help – or if you have ideas of your own to share.

Image by claymor

  1. Modestly speaking i loved the post, i enjoyed each word of it, and let me tell you, the points mentioned are just great for getting out of frustration, i myself try many of them.

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