10 Things Salespeople Should Never Say

“You’re Kidding, Right?”

Normally I’m pretty upbeat and positive, but today I need to share some advice about what not to do. I recently had an interesting interaction with a sales rep who simply couldn’t believe that I didn’t want to buy what he was selling, and he really crossed the line.

I know that succeeding in sales takes plenty of confidence and the ability to work around “no” on a regular basis, but crossing over into ego-land is a bad idea. Talking down to prospects or insulting them is generally NOT a good approach. Neither is being disingenuous or dishonest.

With that in mind, here’s my “Top 10 List” of things sales people should never say to a prospect (and why):

Top 10 Phrases Sales Reps Should Avoid

  1. “You’re Kidding, Right?” – No, I’m not.
  2. “Trust me…” – An immediate alert that the next thing I will hear is a lie.
  3. “So, tell me about your business…” – Do your research first, and don’t waste my time.
  4. “How could you not want…[what I’m selling] – You might think it’s great, but I know my business and it’s not a fit.
  5. “Sorry, I forgot to include ___ in your quote.” – That’s your problem, not mine. Check your work.
  6. “If you don’t buy today, the deal is off the table” – Artificial pressure doesn’t work.
  7. “You’d be crazy not to take this deal!” – Really? Passing would probably be a smart move.
  8. “Maybe I should speak to your boss.” – No, I’m the buyer, and if you don’t convince me, there’s no deal.
  9. “Sorry I’m late, [I got lost, traffic was awful, etc.] – There’s no excuse unless you called. Get directions and arrive early.
  10. “My boss will [kill me, fire me, have a fit] if I don’t get this deal.” – So sorry to hear, but that doesn’t make me want your product.

So that’s my list. What would you add to the “never say this” list?

  1. So yes and no. Some of what you say makes sense. But only if you have never been on the other side of the line
    While ego has no place in a sales call and winning the battle usually means losing the sale consider the following
    1 most prospects lie like rugs
    They will make excuses or worse mot tell you no but give the sales person a maybe answer. The patadox is they do this because they want the person off the phone and cant ne bothered to say no
    You are aware thst a maybe is the answer that makes us call you back?

    2 most people didnt pay attention to the sales person thus they know nothing about the product. So while they may know their own business they most likely did do the die diligence or were only half listening. How can you make an informed decision as to the fit of the product listening to half a sales pitch. The truth most people are scared of salespeople. They think we can talk them into doing things contrary to your best interest. If you have a problem where people easily convince you, more serious help is required. You have a huge social problem that most likely e effects your whole life
    3 artificial pressure doesnt work on YOU and count yourself lucky you arent everyone else but do not make the mistake and think you speak for everyone else on this
    Some people need the pressure to make a decision in a timely manner. We are people and we have needs that must be resepected. Attempting to manage time and sales cycles is required. Most people would let businesses fail before calling back, some people have other work priorities and without a hard dead line will move tjings around to fit those priorities. If you COMMIT to purchase and drag your feet i tjink we are allowed to hold the client accountable. If i tell you i will deliver the goods “whenever” what would you think? You would think i made a commitment to do something why isnt it being done

    And lastly if Prospects were honest with sales people, took sales calls in an intelligent manner instead of seeing someone with a solution as a pain inthe neck rhings would work much better. But people continue to ask like weasles and lie. Until your side stops we jave to combat your foolishness. And usually its been my experience happy satisfied clients thank me for putting them to task and helping apply my solutions

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