Conquering Fear: Defeat the #1 Enemy of Growth

Fear is the enemy of growth. It breeds hesitation and self-doubt, holding you back when you should be charging ahead.

I’m on my third business so I know first-hand how fear-inducing the journey of entrepreneurship can be. After owning a marketing agency, an online retail store, and a consultancy, I’ve learned that fear is always lurking around the bend. (Blame the cavemen for that.)

Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurship is a wonderful adventure. And being self-employed definitely gets easier with time and experience. But that doesn’t prevent fear from creeping into my headspace.

No matter how confident you are, fear is still a fact of life.

Sometimes fear is healthy. (It can keep us from doing stupid things, after all.) But more often than not, our fears don’t correspond to reality. We imagine things to be much worse than they are.

We let fear of the unknown, fear of failure and yes – even fear of success – get the best of us.

Fear brings up issues of self-worth, confidence, and even imposter syndrome. It makes us feel like we’re not good enough. It causes us to question ourselves, even when we know intellectually that we’re on the right track.

Slay the Dragon

Conquering fear is the single most essential skill for an entrepreneur. If you can’t overcome it, you’ll be stuck, unable to take the risks necessary to achieve your dreams.

How do you overcome your nagging fears to create a thriving business?

In this video, I share the 3-step process that I use to overcome my fears. Using this approach has literally changed my life. I think you’ll find it very helpful, too. (If it is, drop a note in the comments and tell me what fears you conquered.)

After you watch, be sure to download the worksheet on conquering fear. Face your fears, tackle them, then take action to move beyond whatever is holding you back.

Get the “Becoming Fearless” worksheet now.

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