5 Ways to Make Work a Happier Place Today

Get Your Happy OnIf you read my posts regularly, you know that my focus is on business growth, but not strictly from an academic, make the numbers work point of view. Companies don’t thrive without leaders and employees who have the right mindset, one that I call the “mindset for growth.”

Happiness, in its many forms is a key component of this winning mindset, and it’s one that should be cultivated.

Before you call me Pollyanna, I’ll say this:

It’s not natural to be happy all the time, and I’m not advocating plastering on a fake smile or powering through pretending life is good when it isn’t. It’s normal to have down days and tough times, although it’s not healthy to wallow in a melancholy state of mind.

People who are open to joy can find it somewhere. With these simple techniques, you can share a little happiness at work today:

1) Find your own joy. Look around you workspace and discover something that makes you happy. It might be a family photo, a personal memento, well-brewed coffee or celebration of a job well done. That report you just finished? The problem you solved this morning? Savor small joys.

2) Thank someone. Sure, you say “Thank you” (or the more insidious “No problem”) all the time. Do you mean it? Who can you thank today with a sincere and meaningful message? Coworkers, customers or vendors, even the janitorial staff really appreciate being acknowledged for their contributions.

3) Surprise someone. Doing something unexpected, especially for a complete stranger, can give you both a lift that lasts all day. Pay a toll, buy a coffee, pass along a valuable tip….none of these are grand gestures, but they have a big impact.

4) Give people the gift of being heard. Are you about to debate a contentious issue with a colleague? Be sure you truly hear their side and acknowledge it instead of being dismissive. Let a troubled co-worker unload for a minute without hastening to offer advice. Listening can work wonders.

5) Breathe. Take a walk outside, play with your dog, watch a cat video, mediate for a bit. Getting away from the daily grind, even for 5 minutes, can make a world of difference in your mindset and happiness. Let some stress go, appreciate the moment, and you’ll be energized for the rest of the day.

Here’s to your happiness!

I’d love to hear what make you happier. How do you create and spread joy at work? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Photo by Stephanie Berghaeuser on FreeImages.com

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