What’s the Most Important Marketing Question?

The Number One Question for Marketers: “Who cares?”

That’s not a flip answer. It’s an essential question that many in business forget to ask.

  • Who cares about your innovative technology?
  • Who cares if your product lasts 20% longer than a competitor’s?
  • Who cares if you can deliver more quickly?
  • Who cares that your service is second to none?

See a pattern here? The answers help you understand who your top prospects are. If someone doesn’t care about what you think is important, either they’re not the right customer or you’re focused on the wrong things.

You can’t sell to everyone. Instead, you must identify the people who care most about what you offer. That’s why successful marketing addresses things like:

Value proposition – Can you clearly state the value you offer, so those who don’t care won’t waste your time?

Differentiators – How do you explain what makes your business distinctive, so the people who care can pick you out from the crowd?

Ideal customers – Who are your best customers, the ones who appreciate what you offer and don’t mind paying for it?

When you know the answers to questions like these, when you understand “Who Cares?” you can align your sales and marketing efforts to attract and engage these people.

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Who Else Cares?

The “Who Cares” question isn’t just for customers. It also applies to competitors, potential investors, prospective and current employees.

When making a strategic move, which companies sit up and take notice? Those who watch you and care enough to respond quickly view you as a key competitor (even if they’re not on your radar screen.)

When the time comes to seek outside investors, who finds our story compelling enough for financial backing? Look for those who care about your industry category or other key criteria to find good partners.

What about employees? Not everyone is a match. Those who care about your business, who share your vision and buy into your mission can be good candidates and engaged employees.

Win More Business

Who doesn’t want to grow? A quick way to spark growth is to consistently ask, “Who cares?” and “Why?”

Are the people who care about a new product you’re exploring the right customers for your business? Can they pay for it? Will they be good customers?

Does your marketing message resonate with people who care? Does it help them draw closer to your business, caring more, not less?

On a tactical level, will the media care about your next story pitch because it’s interesting and relevant? Will the people you want to visit your exhibit at the next big trade show care enough to show up? Will those new product features add value or solve problems for customers?

What are you offering that’s enticing? Why you and not someone else? Why now and not later? These questions are all elements of “Who Cares?”

Find the answers and you’ll pinpoint the levers you need to succeed.

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