Should You Start a Business Blog?

5 Truths to Know Before You Start Blogging for Business

Are you thinking it’s high time to start your own blog? Maybe everyone you know is telling you that blogging is the best way to build your business. It can be. Or maybe you just have that nagging feeling that you’ve got something special to offer. You probably do. But whatever your reasons for launching a new blog, here are some things to think about BEFORE you start:

  1. Blogging is hard. It’s true. Not everyone will share that kernel of wisdom, especially if they will make money when you decide to start a blog. But creating a good, engaging, consistent blog is tough. It’s not impossible, but it takes commitment and a willingness to learn in order to be successful. Are you ready for that? If so, read on…
  2. Blogging is not free. Yes, you can set up a blog at or Blogger or some other platform without a penny down. But what is your time worth? Are you willing to invest several hours a week to write blog posts, research new ideas and respond to comments? What about finding images to dress up your posts? Think about how often you plan to post, and how much time you can commit.
  3. Bloggers need a unique perspective. With hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, you don’t want to be just one more small voice in a big crowd. You must have a unique take on your topic of choice. If you are going to start a blog about personal fitness or world travel or model trains, what insights can you offer to make your bog more appealing than the rest? Do you have some experience to share, a quirky or humorous point of view? If so, let it shine.
  4. Blogging requires passion. If you’re not passionate about the topics you are blogging about, your apathy will show. No one wants to read a post from someone who doesn’t really care about the topic. What could be more boring than that?Give your readers a reason to keep coming back to your blog by blogging about something that interests you. Be sure your passion won’t wane after an initial rush of enthusiasm, like a love affair gone bad. Blogging is like marriage. For most of us, that means a long-term commitment.
  5. Blogging won’t (often) make you an overnight success. It’s rare for a blogger to enjoy a sudden rise to fame. The first few months, or even years, of a blog can feel like an eternity. You post. You wait for comments. You post again. And nothing happens. Don’t worry, it’s (probably) not you.Building a following for your blog doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process of spreading the word, providing quality posts, sharing, then doing it all again. Sure, a retweet or “like” from someone influential can help, but be ready to keep plugging away if that doesn’t happen for you.

Now, if you’ve made it through these five truths about blogging and you’re not discouraged, good for you! You probably have what it takes to be a successful blogger. If you’re still not sure, give it some thought. Sleep on it. Talk to other bloggers about their experiences, tips and suggestions. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll be ready when you make the decision to start blogging. Good luck!

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