Make Growing Your Business a Little Bit Easier

I frequently write and speak about cultivating the right mindset for growth, and sometimes people push back. Those who argue the point believe that growing your business can’t possibly be as easy as thinking your way to success.

They’re wrong.

Mindset is the foundation for everything a leader does. Start with a shaky one and things will eventually collapse. Whether you run a business of one or a mega-conglomerate, starting every day with an open, inquisitive, resilient frame of mind is one of the best things you can do to prepare for long-term success.

Break it Down

Without the right mindset, opportunities look like mountains and problems appear insurmountable. Growth demands the ability to break challenges down into digestible, bite-size pieces, to see how big issues can be made small.

When little tasks can be tackled one by one they’re much less daunting. Apply some diligence and a healthy dose of commitment and before you know it, your business will be in a much healthier position.

Make Growth a Habit

I’m not alone in this perspective. My colleague Alex Goldfayn just released his third book, The Revenue Growth Habit, and was kind enough to share an advance copy with me. Alex also writes about the growth mindset, pointing out that “it’s impossible to out-market your mindset.”

Alex goes on to explain,

“When you focus your thinking—and thereby your marketing and selling—on your value and how your customers improve, you behave more confidently. You become bolder. You take more action. You’ll grow your company’s revenue. Business will be better. Life will be easier. You will, literally, enjoy life more.”

Certainly, growth isn’t always easy, but it can be easier if you let it.

Your customers want to be helped and your company can help them. They need answers and you have them. They’re looking for solutions and you can provide them. There’s incredible value there, and when the right prospects know what you offer them, they’ll buy.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Alex’s book offers several easy tasks you can employ by yourself and throughout your organization, to create the mindset and habits that lead to success. The second half of the book is devoted to quick, no-cost tactics that lead to dramatic growth when used regularly.

Many of the ideas Alex shares involve clear and consistent communications. He shows readers how videos, newsletters, trade shows, speaking, and events, for example, can be used effectively to bring new business.

If you’re looking for practical, tactical ways to accelerate growth, The Revenue Growth Habit is a great resource.

Support is Vital

As I work with business owners to stimulate growth, one of the most common stumbling blocks I see is lack of support. Even the most optimistic among us have days when our positive outlook falters. Mindset is not static, and we need support to stay the course.

Outside pressures like family or personal commitments can make work-life balance a challenge. Recognize this and enlist advocates with your best interests at heart. Be open with friends, family, and others about what you need and how they can help. Ultimately, your success benefits them.

When problems are internal, like staff or partners who don’t share your vision, a little persuasion is in order. Make your case and share example and case studies when possible. If that fails, ask people to ride along for a while and see the results for themselves. As momentum builds, they’ll reap the rewards as well.

If you find yourself stuck, enlist help from a business coach or trusted advisor (or give me a call). Explore what’s limiting your growth and craft a plan that lets your business soar.

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