Beyond the Launch

About the book:

Beyond the Launch:
The practical guide to building a business that thrives

What happens after all the excitement of opening day?

When the ribbon cutting ceremony is over and the cake is gone, the reality of owning a business slowly sets in. Running a company can be difficult.

Once the inevitable challenges start, it’s easy to forget the excitement you felt that first day or even why you started.

Whether your business was launched ten days, ten months or even ten years ago, you’re working hard every day to build a thriving business. You know there’s no magic formula for success. It takes hard work, persistence, patience… and a little help along the way.

That’s why you need to read  Beyond the Launch. It’s is a practical guide to getting – and keeping – your business on track. With advice on topics ranging from marketing to hiring, this book covers all the bases.

Just as she’s done for hundreds of business owners, Joellyn Ferguson’s expert guidance can make you experience with entrepreneurship more rewarding. She shows you how to remove the roadblocks to success, allowing you to achieve your dreams and love your business as much as you did on day one.

Beyond the Launch by Joellyn Ferguson

Beyond the Launch is available on, Barnes & Noble (, and other fine booksellers.

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