3 Things to Do When You Need Revenue Fast

You’re in a pinch, and it hurts.

We’ve all been there: something unexpected happens, and revenue you counted on mysteriously vanishes. When the income you anticipated fails to appear on schedule, acting quickly is imperative.

So what can you do when you need revenue fast? You certainly can’t wait months for a new product to launch, or invest heavily in advertising, those options take too long and cost too much.

Instead, turn to what you know to get back on track:

1) Call past customers.

Pull a list of prior buyers and give them a shout. Not to beg for business, but just to check in. It’s amazing how a few phone calls to people who have done business with you in the past can unlock fresh opportunities. Some might say, “I was just thinking of you…” others may be able to offer new introductions to people who could benefit from what you sell.

2) Dust of old campaigns or incentives.

Think about an old program or event that was wildly successful. You already did all the hard work to design it, so why not resurrect it? Polish it up and get it out there to a new crop of prospects, and see what happens. Chances are the fundamentals which made that idea work in the first place are still sound, and you’ll have good success generating revenue again.

3) Get back to basics.

In my work with business owners, I find that loss of focus often precipitates loss of revenue. Taking on too many projects or trying to accomplish too much at once erodes performance and undermines success. Is your company drifting from its core? Put a few of those projects on hold and focus on those with the best immediate revenue potential.

There you have it, three quick strategies to generate revenue, fast. If you have more ideas to share, please add your comments below.

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